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Google Docs Phishing Scam

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Google Docs Phishing Scam

Last night I was reading news from many different sources. I keep tripping over this Google Docs phishing scam. This is nothing new and this exact type of Google Docs scam has been done before. Phishing scams are getting worse and looking more legitimate with each day that passes. Hackers and scam artists are always steps ahead, which will never change.

Think of it like the good old game we played as kids “Cops and Robbers”. You and the security firms like Kaspersky and Sophos are the “Cops”. While the hackers and the scam artists are the “Robbers”. We have always chased the “Robbers” as that’s the name of the game. As users we have to be more vigilant and question more often. For instance, in the case of the current Google Docs scam. You have to ask yourself am I expecting a document from someone? Or check to see who it’s addressed to. Are there typos in any part of the document?

The other ways to combat this is to not click any links in the Google Docs shared email. Open a new web browser tab and go to docs.google.com. Login and check for new shares. By doing this it will not ask to give permission to third parties like the scam is doing. Be smart, think before you act. We all understand how important business is. Take a few extra minutes to login normally. It will cost less to pay attention now than it will later. Just imagine how long it will take to sit down and change all your passwords as well as other personal information later. Or quite possibly being without your computer while your computer technician cleans up the mess. Safe browsing!